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Coast to Coast Commercial Enterprises, Inc.

Coast to Coast Commercial Enterprises, Inc. offers our services exclusively to the Property Management Industry. Coast to Coast specializes in the exterior renovation and coating of multi-unit commercial properties. Our management team has a combined total of 60 years experience, including 30 years of technical coatings knowledge. We are uniquely positioned to assist you with plans and specifications for your up coming needs, as well as the application capability necessary to produce the result you desire.

We believe there are three necessary ingredients to your project:

  1. A proper specification and scope of work is necessary for the successful completion of your work.
  2. The scope of work must be completed in the shortest possible time, in order to minimize the disruption to your residents.
  3. We believe you must be afforded the quality of workmanship you deserve at a competitive price.

Coast to Coast is committed to these goals. We look forward to serving you on any present or future needs.

"Anticipate problems and get a handle on all the expected costs when you bid a job."

President Manuel Cedeno

Like all good businesses, we watch the bottom line dollars. I have a full-time CPA who keeps track of those numbers, alerting me to any red flags. Plus I'm looking at those numbers almost daily, with an in-depth analysis at the end of each month. But we don't run each job by a strict profitability rule. There are other issues that affect profitability. For example, we work hard to keep our employees busy year-round. To do that, our profit margins in the slower season are less than during the height of business. The payoff is a group dedicated, competent employees who can increase per-job profit in the busy season. Another key to profitability is how we bid a job. By having a good handle on all the expected costs, and by anticipating problems, our estimates allow us to build in a reasonable profit and still give the customer the best price.

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Main: (804) 744-9611

Coast to Coast maintains a Class "A" Virginia Builders License, along with licenses as required in the states we work in. We can provide design recommendations, digital renderings of proposed projects, and construction management services. We can also provide competitive fire and disaster restoration services to the multi-family industry.

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Main: (804) 744-9611
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